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          Four-stroke Air-cooled 14HP GASOLINE ENGINE

          Brand: petros
          Area: China Shandong
          Validity: forever
          Information of the company
          Name:  EX40
          Model:  EX40
          Dry weight:  33.00kg
          Engine Type:  Air-cooled,4-cycle,salant single cylinder,OHC,horizontal PTO shaft
          Bore×Stroke:  89×65 mm
          Piston displacement:  404 cc
          Continuous output:  6.3/3000 7.0/3600 KW/rpm
          Maximum output:  8.8/3600 10.3/3600 KW/rpm
          Maximum torque:  27/2400 28.5/2400 N·m/rpm
          Direction of rotation:  Counter clockwise as viewed from PTO shaft side
          Fuel:  Automobile(unleaded)gasoline
          Fuel Tank capacity:  6.8 L
          Lubricant:  Engine oil SAE 10W-30,20W,30W
          Lubrication:  Mechanical splashing type
          Lubricating Oil capacity:  1.2 L
          Carburetor:  Float type
          Ignition System:  Transistorized
          Spark Plug:  NGK BR6HS
          Governor:  Centrifugal flyweight type
          Dimension (Length×width×height):  389×446×447 mm
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