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          Cheap construction materials gypsum decoration tile

          Brand: ECREDIT
          Kind: PVC gypsum ceiling
          Spec.: 600x600x7.0MM
          Packing: 8 PCS/CTN
          Area: China Shandong
          Validity: 2021-12-11
          Information of the company

          The top quality pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tile with best aluminum foil backing is of thermal insulation, fire resistant, moisture resistant, no deviation, elegant, economic, environmental and easy installation, as the suspended ceiling tile and dry wall partition.

          A. Specifications: MM       Length x Width:   595 X 595, 595 X 1195, 600 X 600,603 X 603,603 X 1210, 610 x 1220(2X4)

          Thickness:     7.0,7.5, 8.0,9.0,12,12.5

          Specifications Tolerance: Length:  +_ 1.0 MM,   Width : +_ 1.0 MM ,   Thickness : +_ 0.2 MM

          Packing: 6/8/10 pieces per carton with shrink wrap bag and importer trade mark printed on the carton strip.

          Max loaded details:750/1400/1140 cartons, 3239.40-4032 squre meters,

          23.5 Tons , loaded in one 20FCL

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