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          Belt Conveyor

          Brand: LBZB/SDSY
          Area: China Shandong
          Validity: forever
          Information of the company

          Belt Conveyor, Cold Wealther Conveyor Belt Mini Belt Conveyor System Screen Conveyor Belt

          belt conveyor01

          Product Description
          Work principle-- Cold Wealther Conveyor Belt  Mini Belt Conveyor System Screen Conveyor Belt :

          The machine is mainly composed of the rack, drive roller, divert roller, drive motor, deceleration body, roller and adhesive tape, etc.. based on motor-driven, with cycloid speed reducer and then the secondary deceleration driven by sprocket,it takes drive drum for continuous rotation movement. Because of the role of friction, adhesive tape, together with the drive drum,makes  reciprocating rotating movement. Materials are discharged after being sent to the bend pulley by the adhesive tape so as to achieve the purpose of sending a variety of materials.

          Performance characteristics- Cold Wealther Conveyor Belt  Mini Belt Conveyor System Screen Conveyor Belt  :

          The conveyor belt our company produces is  with the advantages of large conveyor capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance, standardized components,etc.. Its widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal and other departments to transport loose materials or items into. In accordance with the requirements of transmission process ,the conveyor can be used as a single transmission ,also can be more than one portfolio or the composition with other transmission equipment level or inclined conveyor system to meet the needs of different types of  operating line .

          The scope of application- Cold Wealther Conveyor Belt  Mini Belt Conveyor System Screen Conveyor Belt  :

          Conveyor belt can be used in the ambient temperature of -20 ~ +40 ,and the temperature of distribution of materials is  below 50 .

          Specifications- Cold Wealther Conveyor Belt  Mini Belt Conveyor System Screen Conveyor Belt :

          Belt Width(mm)

          Belt Length (m) /Power (Kw)

          Belt Speed(m/s)








































          1.The table specified capacity is relative to crushed stone with loose volume density 1.6t/m3.

          2.Belt inclined angle should be less than 18°.

          3.The company is capable of making special designing as per the customers requirements.

          Quality Warranty

          1. What about Warranty? What will we do if the machine is broken down?

          Our Warranty is 1 year for whole machine except wearing spare parts.We will provide the technical advice and find the solution immediately for you when the machine is in trouble-shoot. For wearing spare parts, we guarantee the high quality parts for long-time supply.

          2. What are your advantages over others?

          a). We have advanced R&D Center, which helps us always focus on the exploration for new technology and the information of advanced manufacturing methods. We keep on improving our innovating capability, and always stay at the leading edge in the industry.

          b). After years, we have built a professional production line fully equipped with a complete set of crusher manufacturing machines, ensuring that every piece of our crushing equipment is at expert level.

          c). In quality management, we have built a set of strict and effective supervision and control system. By the introduction of new technology and new equipment, we continuously promote our corporate quality assurance system, which takes the quality improvement as the main line. Our quality management system is in line with ISO9001-2000 international standard.

          Our Services

          1. We guarantee our reply in 24 hours of working day.

          2. Our engineers will communicate with our customers in different languages to help them to solve the technical questions and quality issues.

          3. Our professional QA people make strict inspection before shipment.

          4. Punctual shipment time and good after-sales service will be guaranteed.


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