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          Date:2016-03-23  Hits:4996
          First, the main duties and responsibilities
          Positive for the city government, departments, enterprises to ASEAN regional business investigation provide contact, coordination, service docking, active and ASEAN regional government, business, business association, association of small and medium-sized relevant departments and key enterprises of extensive contacts, establish close contact with mechanism, a comprehensive collection of the ASEAN Regional Economic and social development of information, large enterprises, multinational business, capital flows, in China's investment intentions information, and collected information is summarized, from selected in accordance with the actual city project information actively to the county, development zone provide resources investment, project information. Organize regular environment Domestic and foreign investors to Linyi visit, to promote our city investment projects and enterprises at home and abroad docking. Strengthen and business circles in the ASEAN region, business associations, International Exhibition Co., Ltd. link exchanges, and vigorously promote the promotion of Linyi City, market, Business Expo, actively attract foreign businessmen to visit Linyi, exhibitors procurement, actively assist the foreign trade enterprises in the city to the ASEAN region investigation exhibitors, explore the international market, in this year's Bo during, a total of more than 900 overseas buyers to Linyi Shang Bo will purchase exhibition, to participate in the conference of international buyers docking and achieve the intention to purchase $1.1 billion, Linyi City trade promotion will be in Thailand ASEAN offices in the party Face has made an important contribution.
          Two, contact
          Three, contact way
          Four, office address
          Thailand, Bangko
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