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          South Korea

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          Main responsibilities: China Council for the promotion of international trade, China Chamber of international commerce representative office in South Korea is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, Jiangnan District, South Korea comprehensive trade center. It set up in April 1991, to promote China and South Korea established diplomatic relations have made important contributions, and South Korean economic and trade groups maintained a long-term good relations of cooperation, have greater influence in the South Korean economic community.

          The main function of the representative office is to play to the China Council for the promotion of international trade, China International Chamber of Commerce in South Korea's role as a window, propaganda and introduction of China's economic and trade policy and carried out the policy of promoting trade, utilization of foreign capital, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and management experience, to carry out various forms of Chinese and foreign economic and technological cooperation and other economic activities. Specific performance in: assist each department of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, around the trade promotion branch in Han Kuoda trade carry out investment activities; to promote and facilitate China ROK business circles of the two countries to carry out investment industrial activities; extensive collection of economic information, carry out to South Korea's investment environment, investment policy research; attention occurred in the process of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries Major economic events, to the bilateral economic and trade cooperation, problems exist in the South Korea funded enterprises to the relevant government departments to reflect; actively to strengthen friendly exchanges with the major economic and trade groups in South Korea, to establish and maintain long-term good relations of cooperation.

          CCPIT representative office in South Korea is also charged with the Korea chamber of Commerce in China and the Secretariat, chamber of commerce is responsible for the daily affairs. At present members of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in South Korea, have more than 70, divided into financial, trade, transportation and tourism, sea freight, iron and steel, engineering services and other local, it and other eight chapters.

          Tel: 00822551 4611/4613

          Fax: 008225514610

          South Korea China Chamber of Commerce Secretary

          Tel: 00822551 4612/7768

          Fax: 008225517767

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