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          China Council for the promotion of international trade, the International Chamber of Commerce in China Representative Office in Russia is one of the China Council for the promotion of international trade and China Chamber of international commerce in the overseas 17 permanent representative offices. With the purpose of service in government, services to enterprises "two service" purposes, China Council for the promotion of international trade will be representative in Russia and local relevant government departments, trade associations and counterpart agencies maintained close contact, is committed to build the China Council for the promotion of international trade will be with the relevant bodies and organizations of the country in various fields between and multi-level cooperation platform, endorsement for Industry and commerce, as the Russian Chinese funded enterprises and institutions and Chinese merchants service, efforts to promote the development of economic and trade relations between China and Russia and other CIS countries, strengthen China Exchanges and cooperation with Russia and other CIS countries in the industrial and commercial sector.

          The business scope of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries:

          Chief representative: Xu Jinli mobile phone: 007-985-9978878

          Deputy representative: Li Jun mobile phone: 007-903-5527688

          Tel: 007 - 499-4180379


          Fax: 007-499-4180378


          Representative Office Address:.,,,,,, 115432, 2007 m, C kappa's pgfla, ', in China' by kappa, is by betel, Liapunov 'Liapunov's pgfla, betel 18th, kappa,, are 1, 3 souffl alabamium, pgfla albumose,, phi,, No.. 6 (n, which is - was in kappa kappa. As T71)

          English Address: 6-7 Fl.3, Unit, Building 1, No.18, Street Androbova, Moscow 115432, Russia. (Representative Office in Moscow CCPIT)

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