China special truck, construction machinery supplier
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          Shandong aotesenli construction equipment co., ltd

          Dumper truck/Garbage truck/Sweeper truck/Tanker truck/Whe...

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          Shandong Aotesenli Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. is a heavy industry equipment  business unit with the approval of State Administration for industry and CCFIT, and owns export license by China government ,locates in Linyi  city of China----the famous construction machinery SDLG, ChangLin and Caterpillar factory base.

          As a professional leading construction machinery and special truck exporter, Aotesenli has many years marketing experience for construction machinery and trucks in China,  as well as deep internal cooperation with lots of China machinery and truck factory. Most importantly, we have abundant experience and resources for pre-sale, sale and after sale service, which will provide the help and guide for all the world clients on searching and puchasing for China construction machinery and special purpose vehicle.

          Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries, including Albania, Algeria, Fiji, Poland, Ethiopia, Kenya, Philippines,Cam... [Detailed introduction]
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