Linshu Evergreen Co., Ltd
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          Linshu Evergreen Co., Ltd

          Export freeze dried(FD) and dehydrated(AD) vegetables and fruits

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          Linshu Evergreen Co. Ltd is a professional supplier and manufacturer of freeze dried and dehydrated vegetables and fruits, spices, salted garlic cloves in brine.

          Located in Shandong Province, we have been in dehydrated vegetables, fruits and spice business since 1996. After more than 20 years experience and innovation, we are proud to act as a leading supplier of dehydrated vegetables, freeze dried vegetables, fruits and spice inChina. We have a professional staff team who are responsible for technical management, quality assurance, especially in the work line wher strict management is conducted in accordance with GMP, HACCP, ISO.

          We have three main professional factories which are for freeze dried foods, dehydrated foods, garlic cloves in brine separately. Freeze dried vegetables, fruits,dehydrated vegetables are our main products series, which cover our main business scope.

          As a HACCP verified company, we have got certificate of KOSHER, FDA registration.... [Detailed introduction]
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