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          2021 North China Smart Energy Expo

          date:2021-07-07views:120 status:status
          Time 2021-07-30 - 2021-08-01
          City Hebei
          Address 9 Heyang Road, Zhengding New District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
          Hallname Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center (Zhengding New Museum)
          Sponsor Yingshanglihua International Exhibition
          Undertaker Yingshanglihua International Exhibition
          Exhibition introduction

          The 2021 North China smart energy and photovoltaic Expo will be held from July 30 to August 1, 2021, with an area of 20000-26000 square meters, 450 exhibitors and 26000 professional visitors. During the same period of the Expo, a forum meeting will be held to gather industry association leaders, relevant department leaders and industry leaders to discuss industry cutting-edge technology, cooperation and development strategy, and provincial policy guidance. We are committed to building the North China Smart Energy Expo into a North China brand Energy Expo, providing enterprises with opportunities and platforms to enter the North China market.

          We sincerely invite relevant domestic enterprises to gather in Zhengding, China, to explore and develop the smart energy market in North China from the perspective of industry and guided by problems, so as to lead the innovation and development of the industry and help China's "3060" goal. Let's meet in the north of the river, beautiful Zhengding New District!

          participation fee

          Standard booth (from 9 square meters): RMB 7200 / 9 square meters (opening fee 10%)

          Basic configuration: carpet, lighting, one power socket, negotiation table and chair (one table and two chairs); 1 garbage can, lintel

          Indoor bare floor (from 36 square meters): RMB 680 / square meters (opening fee 10%)

          The indoor bare floor includes the use area and space during the exhibition period, excluding the standard booth configuration, which is decorated by the enterprise itself.

          Scope of exhibits

          A. Photovoltaic products, applications and technologies: silicon materials, silicon ingots / blocks, silicon wafers, glass, packaging films, etc; Panel, module, controller, converter, photovoltaic cable, fuse, etc; Battery panel / module production equipment, testing equipment, glass cleaning equipment, wiring / welding equipment, laminating equipment, etc; Support system, tracking system, etc; Photovoltaic application technology and products: photovoltaic building integration, floating body photovoltaic technology and related products, agricultural photovoltaic technology and products, solar street lamps, solar household appliances and other solar products, etc; Photovoltaic power generation project and system: photovoltaic system integration, solar air conditioning system, rural photovoltaic power generation system, solar detection and control system, solar heating system project, solar photovoltaic project program control and project management and software development system;

          B. Wind energy: wind turbine: 1000-1500kw, 2000-2500kw, 3000-3000kw, 3500kW or above wind turbine; Various small household wind turbines and wind solar hybrid wind turbines; Supporting equipment and technology: braking system, control system, anti-corrosion, hoisting and installation equipment, lifting system, bearing, transmission system, motor, monitoring system, lubricating oil (agent), measuring technology, wind power measuring equipment, power output, blade, propeller, safety system, tower, transformer, simulation technology, alarm device, wind solar hybrid power generation system; Service and consultation: Wind Power Association and fund, banking and financial system, grid connection and transmission, grid operator, installation service, etc;

          C. Energy storage products and technologies: heat / cold storage, hydrogen storage and other energy storage technologies, equipment and materials for plug-in electric vehicles; All kinds of batteries (Ni MH battery, Li ion battery, lead-acid battery, intelligent battery), energy storage power supply, renewable fuel cell and other technologies, equipment and materials; Charging pile technology; Battery, charger, inverter, monitor energy storage power station and EPC project; BMS battery management system, PCS energy storage inverter, microgrid, electric vehicle charging and changing power station and related supporting facilities; Smart meters and chips, remote / centralized meter reading system, power information acquisition system, power management information system, monitoring system, inspection device, metering cabinet and components, measuring instruments, sensors, etc;

          Way to contact
          Contact:組委會 organizing committee
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