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          Railway maintenance Rail Head Grinding Machine

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          Brand: petros
          displacement ml: 190cc
          power kW /r/min: 5.0/4000
          consumption g/kW·h: ≤480
          Price: discuss personally
          Total Supply:
          Area: China Shandong
          Validity: forever
          Information of the company

          Product Name:NGM-4.5Rail Head Grinding Machine
          For true-to-form and straight re-profiling of the rail head at weld joints as well as of built-up welded running surfaces. Body with high strength aluminum alloy frame, with bias anti-skid wheel, grinding rail two side and the top surface .It is special equipment for railway maintenance of rail grinding, can fill the current grinding machine field blank.
          2/Main Feature
          Free-from-play grinding wheel feed by means of hand wheel for grinding welded joints and running surfaces built-up by welding .Has the function of profile grinding, make the rail welding seam smooth surface after grinding .The two ends of the grinding machine are connected with the lengthening device, which can be used to polish the wave abrasion of the rail surface. According to the particularity of the grinding operation, the research and development of patent lubrication system convenient rollover 90 degrees, in order to adapt to the side of the grinding head
          3/Operational Principle
          Engine drives the pulley to rotate, and the grinding head is driven to rotate by the driving belt to grinding the rail; By rotating the hand wheel control lifting rod of the lifting adjusting location polished; Through elastic beam between the hands and mudsill positioning grinding location, even in inclined handrails, grinding is realized.
          4/Technical Date


          Rail Head Grinding Machine


          Engine Model


          Engine Type             

          One cylinder, air cool, 4 stroke

          displacement   ml


          power kW /r/min


          consumption g/kW·h


          Net weight     kg


          Grindstone size


          Grindstone speed

          4400 rpm

          profile wheel center distance


          grinding stone stroke


          Working Forward

          handle push

          Grinding position adjustment mode

          Hand wheel adjustment

          Noise dB


          size mm

          1150 x 570 x 1000mm

          Packing size


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