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          bmc smc material heat forming manhole cover press machine

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          model: heat molding hydraulic press
          production: SMC/BMC manhole cover
          heating: power heating on molds
          Price: discuss personally
          Total Supply:
          Area: China Shandong
          Validity: forever
          Information of the company

          manhole cover heat forming press

           SMC BMC DMC heat molding machine hydraulic press

          BMC composite materials can be made from raw materials or finished products (short storage period). 
          The raw material formula can be provided by our mold engineer after payment

          Generally, there are two kinds of well covers with and without reinforcement bars
          The former can be used in roads and other load-bearing positions, while the latter is generally used in green belts, courtyards, gardens and other places

          The total weight of the machine 315ton model is about 11 tons, and the installation space is 3 * 2 * 4.5m (4.5m height)
          22kw motor for press machine,The motor drives the main engine to work
          The heating system is also controlled in the console, and the heating time and temperature can be set.

          The general production setting is that the machine is preheated for 10 minutes after starting up, and then it starts to use. 
          According to the thickness of the product, the heating time is slightly different, which takes about 5 minutes on average. 
          One cycle takes about 10 minutes, including loading, pressing and removing the raw materials.

          The base and cover plate are made by a set of mould respectively.

          According to the different thickness, different filling reinforcement materials, the weight difference between the finished products is very large. 
          You can find useful references on the special sales website.

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