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          10kg licking salt block press machine hydraulic press

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          model: 315 / 500 /630 /800 /1000 ton
          salt block: 2kg 5kg 10kg 15kg 20kg 40kg
          production: 200 ~400 blocks / hour
          Price: discuss personally
          Total Supply:
          Area: China Shandong
          Validity: forever
          Information of the company

          animal licking salt block press machine

          production line introduction

          Ultra high pressure: 15% pressure overflow design

          10kg 15kg 20kg animal mineral salt licking machine has stable price pressure output and sufficient endurance.

          Super cost performance: high design cost and low selling price.

          Compared with the products of most manufacturers in China, our four column powder forming hydraulic press has experienced seven generations, the process and technical content have been continuously improved, the machine design is more perfect, and the price control is very stable.

          Super Customization: production follows the adjustment of customer demand.

          With the continuous improvement of user needs, the mechanical design specifications of vertical four column powder forming hydraulic press are diverse to meet the specific requirements of different customers and realize perfect customization.

          Super strong: the finished product is not only good in detail, but also very strong.

          Fine materials, patient repeated processing and sufficient technology and experience support ensure the perfect production effect of animal mineral salt licking machine.

          Ultra quiet work: manufacturing technology continues to upgrade.

          Optimize and upgrade the pressure system, and finally close to perfection to relieve your worries.

          Ultra long life:
          The precise mechanical combination and perfect overall cooperation are derived from the excellence of every detail and cast the immortal myth for decades. Yes, our machines may accompany you for half of your life.

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